“As a small business owner for over two decades, I have trained hundreds of people, hired dozens of team members and worked with countless independent contractors. Lissa stands out in the crowd. Lissa’s design work is superb. I give her an idea, she gives me back something beautiful and functional quickly. She seems to always know exactly what it takes to bring my ‘ideas’ to life through great design. Lissa is the single most efficient and effective team member I have ever worked with. I hired her for design work, but due to her high level intelligence and problem-solving skills, I now rely on her in nearly every facet of my business. The level of conscientiousness and work ethic she brings to her job are unparalleled.

Lissa is a force of nature, I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Dr. Michael Cotton

Founder & CEO of Higher Brain Living®, Source Code Meditation™, and The New Human University

“Alissa was a tremendous creative help in redoing my website. Her ideas and suggestions were so fitting to me. It was a real joy to work with her!!!”

Patricia Koehler Lawn CHt, CSW

Founder, Coming Into Radiance

I started working with Alissa on huge recommendation from Tally, she said the girl is rock star. So I took her advice and never regretted it. Since I started working with Alissa on our first project, which was my first ever launching of my online program, I was so grateful that I am blessed to work with such an intuitive, efficient and reliable person. She was able to grasp all that I need fast and to deliver in form of copywriting, pictures, sales pages and all other necessary things for successful campaign. It is so joyful, efficient and productive to work with you. Thank you so much. I am looking forward to future projects. When I have you on my side things are really easy and successful.

Dr. Lea Imsiragic

Intuitive and Success Coach, Energy Astrology

“Lissa’s skills are wide and long. She does all my graphics…biz card, flyers, banners, social media, memes, etc. She handles my email creations plus is an editor for all my work and helps me with wording. She helps me strategize on my marketing plan too. She is top notch and I love working with her!

Tally Hayden

Founder, We Rise Coaching